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My name is Michael Laureano, I am the Director of Operations for 9x Capital. We look forward to discussing your needs.

9x Capital provides funding for residential and commercial real estate investment projects in the Denver Metro area. No project is too big or too small.

We love talking to, partnering with, and funding start-up companies. We hand select the very best, develop in-house through our Executive Partner Program, and deliver the business to market for rapid acceleration. Each start-up we select is highly scalable and positioned to dominate well into the future.

Call us today so we can get to know you and your exciting project. Once we understand your project we will give you a realistic expectation of what we can do to help you make money, find money, and save money!

Contact us today to review your funding needs.

Office: (720) 738-8101

Thank you,

Michael Laureano, Director of Operations
“Too Blessed to be Stressed”- AJW